Mission Statement


The Cruz Coalition’s mission is to bring people together. Together everything is possible. Promoters and venues, producers and creators, artists and patrons. We’re building it together, and doing it for the love of it. The Coalition co-creates events that entertain and energize, generate community, stimulate dialogue and just plain feel good. We can do all of it, help you do part of it, or help you figure out who or what you need to get it done right. Managing the business part of entertainment to its most harmonious and drama-free potential and putting the focus back on the fun. Come join our coalition and we’ll join yours, too.

About Art Cruz

Art Cruz is an all-around Business Man, Family Guy and Coalition Builder wrapped up in one. Believe it or not, his event background started in vintage furniture and collectibles.  Having been in the vintage biz for over 15 years set the scene for what was to come…EVENTS!  Setting up and managing operations at trade shows, Art learned what it took to produce and manage live events, then his career evolved into managing movie premieres and high scale events in Hollywood, Las Vegas and beyond before co-founding The Cruz Coalition. Art is also a Production Manager for the performer division of Insomniac Events and has managed Electric Daisy Carnivals and other Insomniac shows around the world. He also continues to work with ESPN and the X Games as an Operations Coordinator.

About David Loomstein

David Loomstein is a DJ, Artist, Producer and Writer residing in Los Angeles, California. David is Co-Captain of the Cruz Coalition and produces and performs breakbeats and dirty house music as DJ Loomer. Residencies have included The House of Blues Foundation Room in Hollywood, The Custom Hotel Los Angeles, and Zanzibar in Santa Monica, CA. He has rocked dance floors at Lightning in a Bottle, Coachella, Electric Daisy Carnival, Nocturnal Wonderland, Burning Man and more. He is currently producing his first artist album and performing at festivals and shows in cities around the US and abroad. Prior to co-founding The Cruz Coalition with Art, David was writer and event producer at Walt Disney Feature Animation, an independent writer and producer in Hollywood, and a Group Product Manager and Senior  Business Strategist at Symantec Corporation in Santa Monica, CA.